Thursday, November 20, 2014

What We Did - Week 46

Day 317 - Thur.
This week has been so COLD, but I'm not complaining. I had my hot coffee ready in the morning to enjoy.

And at night, we have a nice fire, some blankets and pillows to keep us warm and cozy.

Day 318 - Fri.
We had a playdate with Jaxson and Tristan.  It was so cold. Thank goodness for Whites Chapel's indoor playground! Mark had so much fun playing with his friends!

We took a little break for snacks.

Day 139 - Sat.
Michael had a soccer game in the afternoon.  M and I went and left the other 2 boys with Jennie.  SO glad we did because it was FREEZING out there! It's a hot cocoa kind of morning!

These two melt my heart.

Day 320 - Sun.
We went to Costco and I was so happy to find that they had pomegranates. They have giant ones and they are alway fresher than what I can get from the grocery store. All 3 of my boys LOVE this fruit and it's super good for them so it's totally worth the effort to shell them.  They eat these by the handfuls.

Day 321 - Mon.
It snowed Sunday night! We woke up to this.  And I got to finally wear my Hunter boots. The kids were really hoping for a snow day, but there wasn't enough to cause any road problems.

Day 322 - Tue.
Mark had a doctor's appointment for his 3-year checkup. He had to get his little finger pricked because they wanted to test his iron level.  Low iron level-no surprise because I have the same issue.  He was so brave.  He didn't even cry when they did it.  All he said was "Ouch!"

He weighs in at 30.2 pounds and 39 inches tall. Here we are waiting for his doctor.

Today was actually warm enough for us to walk over to the doctor's office!

Day 323 - Wed.
Michael and his classmates celebrated his homeroom teacher's birthday at school.  I wasn't able to make it, but a friend sent this picture over.

Michael has been working so hard at school, especially in Math.  And it paid off - 100%! So proud of him.  He's not alway cooperative when it comes to studying, but I hope he sees now that it's worth it.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

What We Did - Week 45

Day 310 - Thur.
A beautiful morning and my baby is on his way to the bus stop.

Mark played store in his diaper.  I love that little face.

Day 311- Fri.
Fun Run day!  Matthew did really well and ran 45 laps to help raise money for his school.

Day 312 - Sat.
Party time at Jump for Fun!  Mark had a great time celebrating his 3rd birthday with his friends.

We opened presents at home. He was super excited!!!

Day 313 - Sun.
The perfect evening for a game of baseball.

Day 314 - Mon.
This may have been our last day of warmth and sunshine.  We played outside while waiting for Matthew to get home from school.

Day 316 - Tues.
Brrrr....A very cold morning. We headed over to the library for story time and kept busy with coloring and computer play before we got started.

Then we went to Pei Wei for some lunch.  This boy loves his rice.

Day 317 - Wed.
Another very cold day.  We spent the evening watching a little TV and playing legos.  Love these little guys!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Boosterthon, Party and Baseball!

Matthew had his Fun Run last Friday to raise money for his school.  This was actually the first year that he fully wanted to participate in.  He's been at his school for five years.  They must have said or done something to really motivate him :-)

Mark was not feeling well that morning so we left the run early.  He kept asking to go home even before the run started.  Poor baby. He was better by lunch time though, so I'm not sure what happened.

That night, we went out to dinner with the Gs.  Cafe Italia, of course. Mark wanted to read the menu.

On Saturday, we hosted Mark's birthday party! We had it at Jump For Fun, which is his favorite place right now.  Ho loves Super Why, so we went with that theme. I wish I had looked on Pinterest earlier because there were some really cute ideas. Maybe for next time? He wouldn't care if we had the same theme 2 years in a row, would he?

Matthew was suppose to have a baseball game that same day , but he was so worn down that we let him skip it because he had another game on Sunday.

Sunday was such a pretty day.  We didn't do much.  I took Mark grocery shopping with me and he was adorable pushing his mini shopping cart.  He was actually very good at helping me. I was very proud of him.  Too bad I didn't take my phone with me to snap some pictures.

Matthew had an evening baseball game.  His team did really well.  They won 10-4, making it 3 straight win.  Thank goodness because they had lost 4 straight or something like that. We've got another busy week ahead of us.  I think it gets busier and busier as we get closer to the Holidays!

Oh, Michael set up the Christmas tree.  We haven't decorated yet, but it's up.  Next weekend is suppose to be in the 40s so I think we will put on some Christmas tunes and decorate ourselves a Christmas tree.  I love this time of the year.

And this is just a random picture I took of Mark playing with his new grocery store set.  He loves it.  I know it's pink, but I don't care and neither does he.  Even his big brothers play with it. Notice the play doh all over the floor?  Thanks Sandi...

Thursday, November 06, 2014

What We Did - Week 44

Day 303 - Thu.
The weather was perfect for strolling through Town Square. We stopped at the fountain to play for a little while.  He loves picking up the acorns and throwing them at the oak trees.

Day 304 - Fri.
Matthew had his Book Parade at school.  He dressed up as a baseball player from the book Squeeze Play by Cal Ripkin, Jr. Big stretch, I know. 

Later that afternoon, it was off we went to go trick-or-treating.

Day 305 - Sat.
Michael had a team soccer party to celebrate a win from Thursday's game.  It was a pizza making party. He and his friends took a selfie.  How adorable are these boys?

Day 306 - Sun.
Another soccer team party at another teammate's house.  This time, it was a swim party. He's ready to go.

Day 307 - Mon.
Happy birthday to my baby!  He was so excited about everything. We had a small celebration at home.  His party will be this weekend.

Day 308 - Tue.
Matthew was sick Monday night so I kept him home today.  Mark and him had some play time with the new play doh set Mark got for his birthday.

Day 309 - Wed.
My sweet boy getting ready to get dropped off at the Gs.

Happy birthday to Grandpa!  We went over later that afternoon to give him his card and some flowers.