Thursday, April 24, 2014

What We Did - Week 16

Day 113 - Thur.
My oldest baby ready to head off to catch the bus.  It was a beautiful morning, but it turned into a drizzly day.

Day 114 - Fri.
Having fun digging in the sand at the Perot Museum.

Day 115 - Sat.
Keeping score (for the 1st inning anyway) at Matthew's baseball game

Day 116 - Sun.
Happy Easter! Peeps pop!

Day 117 - Mon.
We picked up Matthew's eyeglasses.  Isn't he super cute?!

Day 118 - Tue.
Mark loves this statue at the Square.  Whenever he pass by it on our way to story time, he has to stop, touch and tell me that the little boy's Daddy is "tying his shoes and playing bouncing ball."

Day 119 - Wed.
Mark and I went to the mall and came home with some family picture shirts for the boys.  I'm not sure if these are the final colors, but it's a start.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Uneventful Easter Weekend

Mark and I hosted a playdate at the Perot Museum on Friday and he had so much fun! He loves the museum and constantly asks to go.  I thought that it would be a pretty light day there, but it turned out that I was wrong.  I didn't take into account that it was a holiday weekend.  It was so crowded that we just hung out at the children's area of the museum.

This was the second time that he played in the sand pit.  It was very hard to get him out when it was time to go.

And his first time wading in the little river thing in front of the museum. He was soaked, but he was having such a good time, I let him do his thing. Yes, that's my finger in the picture. 

I didn't have a change of clothes for him.  The only thing I had for him to change into was my pink striped shirt so I put it on him.  He thought it was the funniest thing to be wearing Mommy's shirt. He loved it. He wanted me to take a picture for Daddy.

Matthew had a baseball game Friday evening.  We survived the game and then went to dinner with the Gs at Wildwood Grill. 

Then there was another baseball game Saturday morning.  They lost again, but it was a much more enjoyable game. 

Michael and his buddy Jackson started to keep score on the big board.  After one inning they decided that it was boring so they left.  I had to take over.  I think I did a pretty good job!

Saturday was so beautiful that we spent most of our time outside on our patio.  I love this time of year when the weather is great and the bugs are not out yet (about 2 weeks out of the year).  We had dinner outside.  The boys' friend Jayce joined us.

I found this selfie on my computer.  How cute are these boys?

I dropped the ball when it came to Easter this year.  I had planned on taking the boys on an Easter egg hunt on Saturday at the Delaney Vineyards but by the time time we were done with Matthew's baseball game and had lunch, I was too tired to pack them up and make the drive to Grapevine.  We were just going to wait for our neighborhood egg hunt and petting zoo on Sunday.  It turns out that the neighborhood egg hunt got moved to Saturday because the organizers thought that it would on Sunday.  I obviously did not get the message and we missed it completely.

Fortunately, the Gs pulled through and got the boys Easter baskets. We went over for an Easter lunch and then came home.  

Mark loved his first taste of Peeps pop. Big brother did not mind sharing.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

What We Did - Week 15

Day 106 - Thu.
Matthew had a baseball game on a beautiful evening.  M pitched and everyone hit so well!  Too bad they lost really badly.

Day 107 - Fri.
Mark got a new water table and he loves it.

Day 108 - Sat.
We spent our evening at the FC Dallas game as a birthday gift to Michael.  A great game on a beautiful evening.
Day 109 - Sun.
Mark browsing the Sunday ad for Target and telling me all the things he wanted.

Day - 110 Mon.
Lazy Monday morning selfie with my baby!

Day 111 - Tue.
Storytime at the library.  He prefers going on the computer to sitting for story time.  However, he runs over to participate when it's time for song and dance.

Day 112 - Wed.
We went out to lunch with Daddy, and Mark really enjoyed his chocolate dessert!

And Matthew had baseball practice.  Look how baseball ready he is.

Monday, April 14, 2014

This and That

I was reading the news this morning and we may have a freeze warning tonight.  What?!  It's the middle of Spring for goodness sakes. And while we are at it, is it really the middle of Spring?  I can't believe that there's only a little over 6 weeks of school left.

It rained yesterday so Matthew's baseball game got cancelled.  It was a bit of a disappointment because I love to watch him play and he enjoys playing.  And M was looking forward to pitching again.

He had a game last Thursday and even though they got pummeled, him and his friends had a lot of fun.  M got pitching duty and the boys were hitting great with him pitching. After the game we stayed and literally closed the place down - we were told we needed to head out by one of the girls that was responsible for locking up. The boys were wrestling, running, screaming and just generally being boys and having fun on a nice warm evening. And the parents enjoyed the weather and the conversations so much, they didn't want to leave either.

We took Michael out to the FC Dallas game on Saturday as his birthday gift.  The weather was perfect for a soccer game.  Unfortunately, our home team lost 3-2, but it was a good game, and I had so much fun with my boys.  We left Mark with the Gs, but we will bring him with us next time.  I missed him, and I think he would have enjoyed all the excitement.

Sunday was a rainy, stay home, kind of day. The boys had friends over, and M and I took Mark out for a walk after it cleared out.  Other than that, we were home bound and just hung out.

Last Friday, I thought it would be nice to get Mark a water table so we did, and he LOVES it.  He was out there on Saturday for at least 2 hours playing with it.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

What We Did - Week 14

Day 100 - Thur.
We took our car for a much needed wash.  We played with puzzles and read books while we waited.

Day 101 - Fri.
Playdate with Jaxson!  We were going to meet at an outdoor playground, but it was a little chilly so we met at Gateway Church to play.
Day 102 - Sat.
M and I went to a wedding out in Weatherford.  It was very beautiful, but so cold. I just love weddings! We tried to get a good selfie, but we weren't very successful.  Mostly because M was a big pain about it.

And how sweet are these kids? I love the cowboy boots.
Day 103 - Sun.
Chocolate "fondue' for dessert.

He wanted help making a "two" with his fingers.
Day 103 - Mon.
My little helper at the grocery store.  Most of the plastic grip on the handle was gone and Mark refused grip the part without the plastic even if it made it really hard for him to steer. It took us longer than I would like to pick up a few things because he also refused my help with the cart.

Day 104 - Tues.
First time at the eye doctor!

Day 105 - Wed.
Mark loves apples, but he likes it without the peel-which happens to be the healthier part of the fruit.  So today, I wanted to see if he would eat it if I left it on. This is what happened. He will not eat the apple skin.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014


Matthew had an eye doctor appointment today.  He'd been complaining that he can't see very well so we decided that he's probably nearsighted like Michael.  Sure enough, it is true.  Everything else looks healthy so we are happy about that.

He was really nervous about going to the doctor because Michael had been telling him that the doctor will shoot a needle through his eyes. Who knows what other things Michael told him.  However, Matthew did great.

We ordered him some glasses and we will get them next week.  He picked out a really cool pair!

I snapped a quick picture before the doctor came to give him an exam.  Can't wait to see him in his glasses.  He's going to look so cute!