Monday, February 23, 2015


We woke up to ice this morning!

Schools are closed so the boys will be staying home.  I also cancelled our play date today because it's probably a little dangerous out there on the roads.  This is our first ice day this year and hopefully, we have another one with snow.  I love snow (for a day anyway).

We had a really good weekend.  M's stepbrother and his family came to visit from CA. They were supposed to have left this morning but their flight got cancelled because of the ice.

Mark and Dylan played a lot and got along so well! They are about 2 weeks apart and they love doing things together.  They even go potty together.  Mark spent most the weekend at the Gs playing with Dylan this weekend.

These two boys were inseparable.  And this was the only picture I have of them.  Since they won't be flying home today, maybe a I will have the chance to snap a few more.

Dylan was so excited to play with the big boys and loved sitting  next to Matthew at dinner.  So cute!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy Friday and Happy New Year.  Yesterday, we said good-bye to the year of the horse and say hello to the year of the sheep/goat/ram.
We don't do much for Chinese New Year, but we do carry on the tradition of handing out red envelopes to the boys every New Year for good luck.

Yes, my boys don't like wearing shirts, and Michael walks around in his boxers at night.

I decorated a little bit this year, which I didn't do in the past. Hopefully, it's enough to bring us good luck?

We are looking forward to prosperity and good luck this year! Happy New Year!!!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

What We Did - Week 7

Week 7 was not a good week for me and I didn't take too many pictures.  I was just dragging and I let every little thing annoy me.

Day 43 - Thur.
My babies love to read with their breakfast in the morning.  Matthew stayed home from school again today, which made it a very long day.

Day 44 - Fri.
Valentine's Party Day!  Matthew had his V-day party.  Then I dropped Mark off with M at home and went to Michael's school to serve ice cream sundaes for his V-day party.

Day 45 - Sat.
I got flowers and a card for Valentine's Day.

Michael had a really early soccer game so m took him and me and the other 2 boys slept in. They tied 1-1, but M said Michael played his best game ever.  So proud of my boy.

Day 46 - Sun.
We dod nothing today! I ran some errands and went to the gym and that was pretty much it.  The boys played with their friends like every other weekend.

Day 47 - Mon.
It was so cold that Michael's soccer practice got cancelled! Brrr....Mark and I went to the gym and that was pretty much it!

Day 48 - Tue.
After the boys got done with all their homework and studying, we went to Mooyah for dinner.  All three boys actually ate their food.

Mark loves drawing on their chalkboard.  Michael drew a happy face and mark copied it.  He did an excellent job!

Day 49 - Wed.
I dropped Mark off at the Gs and ran a few errands, got a haircut, went to a parents' meeting for information about Michael's courses for Middle School, and then went to pick Mark up.  When we got home, I watched "The Bachelor" with with M.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Fourth Grade Valentine's Day Party

Happy Valentine's Day! We will be spending it at home doing absolutely nothing.  But Mathew had his Valentine's Day party on Friday.

I totally thought that yesterday was Thursday so I didn't send him to school with anything - no Valentine's box, no Valentines to hand out, nothing.  So of course, I had to attend the party to make sure he has what he needed.  Mark also wanted to take part in the festivities.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Bad Week - A Venting Post

It's been a rough week.  Our house was hit with the stomach bug again and it sucked.  Michael missed school on Monday.  Matthew got sick at school on Tuesday so I picked him him up early. He stayed home on Wednesday and Thursday. There's a lot if catching up to do.

Michael's teacher has asked for a meeting because he's not doing well in Math.  He's not paying attention in class, not turning things in on time and is being a distraction to others.  I'm so disappointed in him.

Mark has been super clingy this week and it's driving me bonkers.  It's to the point where he has to be touching at all times which makes it hard to do anything.

I signed Matthew you up for baseball in the Spring.  He now does not want to play.  There's no convincing him and when he doesn't want to do something he will not do it. I can't even imagine the tantrums and struggles to get him to practice so I'm trying to get a refund for the registration fee.  The problem is that he's already been put on t team so when he quits, his team will be one short.

So yes, this week has not been the most fun.  I hope next week will be better.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

What We Did - Week 6

Day 36 - Thurs.
Didn't get a picture this day, but we went to the gym and we probably ran some errands to be ready to host the Valentine's Day party at our house.

Day 37 - Fri.
After my yoga class, we went to lunch at Pei Wei.  mark LOVES the chicken teriyaki there. And the fortune cookie, of course

Then we met up with some friends at the neighborhood playground for an afternoon play date.

That night, Mark built a T-rex out of blocks. Although I thought it looked more like a giraffe ;-)

Day 38 -  Sat.
While Michael was at his soccer tournament and Matthew was at a friend's house, Mark and I went to pick my up from the airport and enjoyed the beautiful weather for the short time that he was here on a layover.

Day 39 - Sun.
Michael got the stomach virus Saturday night after the game and our dinner date as Sushi Sam.  Boo. He missed his game Sunday morning and found out his team got knocked out of the tournament so we had a free Sunday.  Mark decided he would nap....

Day 40 - Mon.
We hosted a Valentine's Day party.

Day 41 - Tue.
We went to story time at the library.  Mark was not into as much as he was a few months ago.

Then we went and had snacks in the beautiful sunshine

Day 42 - Wed.
On Tuesday night, I tried using lavender oil to see if the boys would sleep better because Michael has had issues with falling asleep.  They both liked it and so I went and bought a diffuser.  I may have to buy another one because they both want one in their rooms.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My Boys

I'm a boy mom. As a boy mom, I learn stuff from them almost every single day - most if it is not something that I really wanted to know and can go through the rest of my entire life not knowing.  Yesterday, I learned about junk lump, Lincoln log and shart.

Junk lump and Lincoln log are obviously male anatomy, but I had a hard time with shart.  That is until they explained it to me.  It's a fart with a little bit extra.  I learned the word and the literal activity.  Thanks for the lesson, Boy #2. As I'm typing this, our washing machine is busily doing it's work along with a gallon of bleach.

But I do love these boys!