Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Halloween Party

Mark and I went to a Halloween party yesterday hosted by our play group.  He was so excited!  He loved shooting hoops in the bounce house.  Of course, he had a little scuffle with one of the boys.  They were fighting over the ball.

One of the mom's volunteered to be the face painter.  She did a great job with Mark's spider.  He LOVED it and he was very upset that I wiped it off when we got home.

He enjoyed playing with the parachute.

The kids kept running in and out of the picture so this was the best we could do.

He needed a little juice break.

His favorite activity at the party was the basketball hoop in the bounce house.

The aftermath.  He was a sweating mess!

He LOVED, LOVED the party.  The greatest part for me was that he was OK leaving the party.  I thought for sure that he would throw a fit because he wouldn't want to leave, but he walked out and said, "I had so much fun," while I was putting him in the car.

What a great way to start our week!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekend Randoms

Michael has to practice trumpet at least 30 minutes each night and Mark loves to practice with him.  We don't let him do this often because it's distracting, but look how cute these boys are when they do get to do it. Both of them also decided to put stickers all over their faces.

M took Michael to his soccer game in Dallas and Mark and I went to see Matthew play baseball on Saturday.  Another typical baseball game.  Matthew's team lost again but at least the weather was nice! Michael tied his game 1-1 and M said he was really close to scoring a goal. The ball hit the top of the crossbar. Maybe next game!

Mark had fun playing with his friends at Matthew's baseball game.

These girls are adorable and their mom always puts them in the cutest matching outfits.  It must get expensive. I would totally do they same if I had girls.

Matthew had another baseball game  Sunday afternoon, but I didn't get any pictures.  Mark was cracking me up because he put on some music and started dancing in front of everybody.  I didn't get any pictures because he was using my phone for the music.

We came home and Matthew took out the trash and recycling.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Dallas World Aquarium Field Trip

Matthew and his 4th grade class went to the Dallas World Aquarium for there field trip.  I couldn't officially chaperone because I had to take Mark with me, but we met up with him at the Aquarium and hung with his group. 

The other kiddos loved having him there and I think Matthew did to.  Matthew was super sweet and helped me keep an eye on Mark.  He also showed Mark the animals and made sure that Mark could see over the railings.  This will be his last field trip at CES and I'm a little sad about it.  

Mark was super excited to see everything and to be everywhere!  He would run after his big brother and push his way through to get to the front of him to see the animals

Such a fun day!  

Friday, October 17, 2014

Dragon Pride Project & Fall Preview

Yesterday, Matthew stayed after school to work on his Dragon Pride project.  Every 9 weeks, students are required to complete a community service project to get recognized at a Dragon Pride assembly. So for this week, he decorated and filled goodie bags that will be donated to an organization called Food for the Soul.

Later in the evening, we dropped him off at baseball practice and headed straight to Michael's school for his Fall Preview which was a little preview of what he's been learning on the trumpet. He and his fellow band members demonstrated what they've learned so far.  They were pretty impressive for only having 6 weeks under their belts.

We left Mark with Sarah because I didn't want to have to chase after him.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

What We Did - Week 39

Day 282 - Thu.
Mark rode his trike while we waited for Matthew to get get home from school.

Then he relaxed on his old bouncer that was way too small for him.

Day 283 - Fri.
Today was a busy day! We had a nice breakfast

Then we headed out to meet Jaxson and Tristan for our playdate at a park.

We also played outside while we waited for Matthew to come home from school.

And Mark wanted to do his hair into a faux hawk. He wanted me to take pictures.  I love all his little facial expressions.

Day 284 - Sat. 
We went to dinner and then stopped by Yogurtland for dessert.
Day 285 - Sun.
Picture day @ the baseball field
Day 285 -  Mon.
Mark loves this show he discovered on YouTube called Masha and Bear.  It's a Russian cartoon and most of the episodes are in Russian, but he loves to watch it. On this night he found an English version and laughed his little head off watching the show.

Day 286 - Tue.
We headed out to get a much-needed carwash and Mark snacked and played while we waited.

Then it was off to Grapevine Mills for some lunch and a ride on the carousel.

That evening, M and I went on a dinner date at Del Frisco's Grille.  It was a perfect day to sit on the upstairs patio.
Day 287 - Wed.
We had a playdate with Reagan at Central Market.  After lunch and a lot of playing on the playground, we went into the store to get them some balloons.  They went around holding hands and showing each other different items. Super cute (for now, anyway).

Photo op with the pumpkins!

And then he wanted more pictures with the pumpkins we have at home. I'm super in love with this kid.